Treat Manager

Meet Fin, the heart of inspiration and dream of Tails and Trails. Fin is our certified operations manager of our treat department. Fin makes all the sniffs and tastes during our production to ensure our products are as tasty as they smell!



Introducing Butter, our Tails and Trails Model. Butter showcases all new product designs with his buttery personality and elegant golden fur making a picture perfect example of our products!



Meet Evan, our team Sales Manager. You will find Evan at our local Farmers Markets. He is there to help with in- person harness and collar gear fittings for your pet and to help educate the wonderful benefits of Tails and Trails products!



Tails and Trails started with one dream and a whole lot of fur. My inspiration was quickly created the moment Fin came into my life. I wanted nothing but a happy and healthy lifestyle for the one I love most. With careful designing we were able to successfully create the most perfect blend of ingredients that are very safe and beneficial for overall health and safety. We are proud to say what you see is what you get! All our ingredients are real, fresh, and all natural. We designed our adventure gear to be very durable yet soft, insuring comfort but most importantly, safety. I hope I continue to inspire more and more along our journey to shop local for your pets to ensure pure, nature ingredients, and safe products are a part of their everyday lifestyle.