Collection: CATS

Tips on Cat Walking

Not only are our harnesses made for dogs, but we specialized in smaller sizes for our cat lovers as well! Our harnesses are made with extra soft padding and a breathable mesh material that are water resistant. Paired together making the ultimate outdoor adventure harness. 

We have created cat harnesses as cat walking is new and trendy. Walking your cat on collar with a leash can cause injury and they can easily slip out. We highly recommend using a fitted harness safely around their body to prevent slipping out or injury. 

If you are new to cat walking, introduce the harness to them indoors and letting them wear it around the house. Use treats to praise them creating a positive association with the harness. Once they are comfortable with the leash, practice walking them indoors. 

This harness can also be used for indoor cats only, for cat parents looking for style or a way to add a bell or name tag to their harness.